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- Promoting natural building, and sustainable design and development, through research, training, education and consulting services.

The following publications are available for free:

Publications by the Director

Post-Tsunami Affordable Housing Project

Post-Tsunami Affordable Housing Project Drawings

Free Straw Bale Emergency Shelter Plans

Small Diameter Wood - An Underutilized Building Material

Key Considerations for Building Affordable Housing

Energy-efficiency Upgrades

Annotated Straw Bale Bibliography

Rosebud Reservation Housing Proposal

A Variation of the Pallet Truss

Geiger Research Institute Green Building List

Potential Savings From Alternative Construction Methods

Straw Bale DVD Review

Tractor Cob

Zero Energy Housing

Sustainable Nations Workshop

Kelly Hart's Earthbag/Papercrete House

Have We Forgotten Something?

Bamboo Earns ICC Approval

Embodied Energy in Strawbale Houses

Publications by Other Authors

Building With Nature, by Kelly Hart

Tamped Earth Floors, by Frank Meyer

Straw-bale Construction, by Bruce King

House of Straw - Straw Bale Construction Comes of Age

The Big Picture: Strawbale Trends and Defining "Eco-Sensible" Design, by Sigi Koko
(large file with pictures)

The Big Picture: Strawbale trends and Defining "EcoSensible" Design, by Sigi Koko
(no pictures)

Frost Protected Foundations

Straw Bale Building Codes

Austin, Texas Straw Bale Code

Boulder, Colorado Straw Bale Code

1995 California Straw Bale Code

2002 Proposed California Straw Bale Code

Cortez, Colorado Straw Bale Code

Nevada Straw Bale Code

New Mexico Straw Bale Code

Tucson/Pima County, Arizona Straw Bale Code

Straw-Clay Building Code

New Mexico Straw-Clay Code

Adobe Building Code

New Mexico Adobe Code

Compressed Earth Block Building Code

New Mexico CEB Code

ICC Bamboo Building Code

Bamboo Code

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