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- Promoting natural building, and sustainable design and development, through research, training, education and consulting services.
Consulting Services
Consulting services are available for medium and large-scale affordable, sustainable housing projects. Native American projects and international projects with collaborating NGOs and/or governmental agencies, in particular, are invited.

Our primary expertise is in designing affordable housing made with natural building materials such as straw, earth, stone, bamboo and other locally available materials. A holistic approach is encouraged on all aspects of the home designs - site considerations, vernacular architecture, cultural considerations, passive solar design, water catchment and purification, greywater and waste systems, and structural design. This includes using a human-centered and community-centered approach to the development process.

We specialize in designing affordable housing for those most in need - poverty stricken areas, and areas devasted by natural disasters and political conflicts. Enormous improvements over the current way of doing things is possible, and all that is needed is knowledge, understanding and a fresh approach.

We provide consultation, design, drawings, specifications and training for housing projects throughout the world.

You are encouraged to read Building Without Borders: Sustainable Construction for the Global Village, edited by Joseph F. Kennedy, with contributions by Dr. Owen Geiger, the Director of the Geiger Research Institute. Dozens of success stories are documented that point the way towards a more sustainable approach to developing affordable housing.

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