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Sustainable Building Electronic Directory
This directory links to hundreds of free sustainable building articles on the Internet. In many cases these links point directly to the article, saving time and effort searching through entire websites. Websites with lots of articles are listed under Major Sites. Enjoy!

Search these articles:

Adobe Newsletter Archives
Adobe and Super Block Technology
Some Thoughts on Adobe Codes

Agricultural Fibers
Agricultural Fibers
Agricultural Fibers For Use in Building Components
Agricultural Residues: A Promising Alternative to Virgin Wood Fiber
Arundo Donax
Biobased Structural Composite Materials for Housing and Infrastructure Applications
Biocomposites from Engineered Natural Fibers for Housing Panel Applications
Fiber Futures
Leftover Straw Gets New Life

Appropriate Technology
Aerobic Pumice Wick
Agricultural Report - Briquetting
Appropriate Technologies for Enterprise creation
The Ashden Awards
Ceramic Water Filter Project
Cooking Stoves and Brick Production - A Burning Problem
Gray Water Policy Center
An Introduction to Rainwater Harvesting
Passive Solar Water Heating
Questioning Ecological Design: A Deep Ecology Perspective
Rainwater Harvesting
The $25 (or less) Sawdust Toilet
Silver Ceramic Water Filters
Solar Cooking
The Solar Cooking Archive
Solar Water Purification Project

Bamboo Architecture and Construction with Oscar Hildalgo
Bamboo Based Housing System
Bamboozled - Colombia
Bamboo, People and the Environment
Bamboo Reinforced Concrete Construction
Environmental Bamboo Foundation
Frequently Asked Questions
General Bamboo Information
Grow Your Own House

Cellulose Insulation
Blown-in Cellulose Insulation
Cellulose Facts
Cellulose Insulation Winning Market Share in Colorado

The Cob Builders Handbook
Cob, The Great Moderator
From the Ground Up - Cob Building
Questions and Answers About Cob
The History of Cob
Questions and Answers About Cob

Cordwood Masonry
The House That John Built
Sixteen-sided Cordwood Stackwall House
Stackwood Simply

Earth Building Research Forum
Cast Earth
Construction Manual for Earthquake-Resistant Houses Built of Earth
Earth Plaster and Aliz
Earthen Plasters
The Myth and Promise of Dirt Cheap Housing
Plasters and Strawbale
Stabilized Earth Construction
Unstabilized Earthen Floor Using Road Base

Building With Earthbags
Earthbag Dome Building
The Honey House

Be It Ever So Humble: Trash Home
Earthship Biotecture
Low Carbon Network: Earthship
Mass Appeal: Building Steel-Belted Houses

Fly Ash
Coal Fly Ash
Fly Ash: A Resource Material for Innovative Building Material
Fly Ash Bricks
Fly Ash Concrete
Use of Fly Ash in Construction

Major Sites
Australian Development Gateway
Building Advisory and Service Information Network (BASIN)
Builders Without Borders
Changemakers.Net Library
Development Center for Appropriate Technology
Ecotecture Library
Global Directory for Environmental Technology - Editorials
House Alive Newsletters
Institute for Appropriate Technology
Mother Earth News Archive
Natural Home Magazine Archive
REPP-CREST Discussion Groups
Sustainability Institute
Sustainable Village
UN-HABITAT Publications
U.S. DOE Energy Efficiency

Natural Building - General
An Overview of Natural Building Techniques
Building With Nature
Built Green Checklist
The Case for Natural Building
Center for Resourceful Building Technology
Countryside Magazine
Environmental Design and Construction Magazine Archives
The Future of Indigenous Building Materials
Green Building Program Newsletter Archive
Guiding Principles of Sustainable Design
House Alive
Information About Green Buildings
Key Considerations for Building Affordable Housing
Natural Building: A New Course of Action
Natural Building Techniques
The Owner-Built Home and Homestead
The Principles of Natural Design
Sustainable Building Technologies
Timber Not Termites
"Whole Building" Approach to Sustainable Design
7 Steps to Green Building

Building With Papercrete
Building With Papercrete and Paper Adobe
Living in Paper
Papercrete News
Ultra Cheap Houses with Papercrete

Energy and Permaculture
Introduction to Permaculture: Concepts and Resources
Permaculture the Earth
Permaculture International
Permaculture Resources
What is Permaculture?

Pressed Earth Block
Compressed Earth Block
Earth Block Manufacturing and Construction Techniques
Making Building Blocks With the Cinva Ram Block Press
The Potential of Cement-Stabilized Building Blocks As An Urban Building Material in Developing Countries
Pressed Earth Blocks: Make 'Em Yourself
Stabilized Earth Construction
You Can Build With Soil-Cement Blocks
Understanding Stabilized Earth Block Construction Using the Cinva Ram

Rammed Earth
Important Facts About Stabilized Earth
Introduction to Rammed Earth
What is Rammed Earth?

Recycled Materials
A Variation of the Pallet Truss
The Pallet Truss: A Low Cost Alternative Roof Structure

Rice Hulls
Amazing Rice Hulls
Apparant Thermal Conductivity Data and Related Information for Rice Hulls and Pecan Shells
The Rice Hull House
Rice Hulls Provide Insulation

Soil Cement
Building Materials Research Program
Cement Soil Mixing in Soft Ground
Development and Characterization of Soil-Cement Slurry
Performance of Soil Improvement Techniques During Earthquakes
Procedure for Processing Mixtures of Soil, Cement and Sugar Cane Bagasse
Soil Cement
Soil Cement
Soil Cement Pavements
Soil Cement Stabilization
Soil Cement for Water Resources

Northeast Solar Energy Association - NE Sun
Solar Energy International - Newsletters
Solar Energy International - Renewable Energy Articles
Solar Home Design Guidelines
Solar Radiation Resource Information
The Sun Tempered Home
Texas Solar Energy Society Newsletters

Slipform Stone Masonry
Stone Masonry Construction

Straw Bale
Annotated Strawbale Bibliography
FAQs About Straw Building
Guidelines for Straw Bale Structures
Historic Straw-bale Structures
House of Straw - Straw Bale Construction Comes of Age
Keeping Your Bales Dry
Load-bearing Straw Bale Construction
Moisture and Straw Bale Walls
Pilot Study of Moisture Control in Stuccoed Straw Bale Walls
Straw-Bale Arch Test
Straw Bale Construction - A Sustainable System for Ownership
Straw: The Next Great Building Material?
The Thermal Resistivity of Straw Bales for Construction

Straw Clay
An Introduction to Traditional and Modern German Clay Building
The Straw Bale Earthen House
Straw Clay Building Debuts in Canada
Straw-Clay Thermal Testing

Sustainable Architecture
Creating Your Ecological House: Introductory Remarks
Geiger Research Institute Green Building List
Green Home Checklist
Smart Communities Network
Sustainable Building Guidelines

Sustainable Development
The Earth Charter Initiative
The Habitat Agenda
International Institute for Sustainable Development
UN Divsion for Sustainable Development - Documents
UN Division for Sustainable Development - Publications

Traditional Housing
Chaco Canyon
Indigenous Peoples of New Mexico
Of Dirt and Wood
Mesa Verde
Pre-Contact Housing Types

GFFP Small Diameter Wood Utilization Report
Pacific Northwest Research Station Publications
Small Diameter Wood - An Underutilized Building Material
Sustainable Woods for the New Millenium

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